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The surface of our world is drastically changing. On the day North America slides ten feet to the west, Tim Tacker has no idea an impending tectonic catastrophe has silently been set into motion. In Antarctica, seismologist Dr. Millicent Holloway finally has evidence to confirm the existence of PANGAEA, the supercontinent. Unsure of what broke the single continent into seven separate masses millions of years ago, her discovery signals a more troubling prediction for our future. As massive stretches of sea floor begin to crumble, our seven continents are set back into motion. Their destination is to return us to what we used to be. Conjoined. It’s the reformation of Pangaea. And the movement is destroying us. Together, Tim & Millicent are thrust into a hostile world that reveals profound and surprising dangers at every turn. This boundary-pushing thriller melds scientific fact with pulse-pounding fiction to create an epic tale of sophisticated, cutting-edge originality.
Skinny White Freak
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What if you killed the bully? For rail-thin teenager Adam Lipsitz, disposing of his tormentor, “Worm,” at a sleepaway camp in the late 1970s is a dark fantasy tucked away in his personal diary, out of which springs his brawny alter-ego, Ultra-Violet Man. But then one day, Adam’s fantasy and real worlds violently collide, and his life will never be the same. Skinny White Freak is a “coming of rage” story about self-acceptance. As Adam unravels Worm’s family life with the help of a geeky girl he meets at camp, he begins to see his nemesis – and himself – in different lights. By journey’s end, Adam confronts his worst fears head on and emerges an unlikely hero.